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Antivirus Replacement
Signatures Can’t Keep Up

Over 350,000 New Malware Samples Are Deployed Everyday

Signature-reliant solutions cannot keep pace with modern threats. Legacy solutions are a delayed reaction – with bloated layers and ever-growing system taxing updates that have become an enemy in of themselves. AI-driven security is the path forward, and Cylance makes the transition painless.

Replace or Co-Exist, We Can Help

Fast Deployment, Easy Replacement
Deploy our AI-driven solutions quickly and efficiently. You can even install our solution with your old layers of antivirus system still in place – to ensure you’re never exposed or inconvenienced, even for a minute – and then uninstall them at your convenience.

Gradual Migration
Cylance coexists with other solutions – expanding your protection by catching what others miss. Your legacy solution can continue looking for known threats, while Cylance provides a predictive advantage which reliably catches both known threats and unknown threats, before they execute.

Replacing Your AV? What To Consider

Security is an investment. Investing should provide greater returns – like reliably catching threats before they execute, without sacrificing systems (we quarantine files not computers) or your team’s precious time reacting to each new threat.

There are enough complexities in life. Let AI take weight off your shoulders. CylancePROTECT installs in minutes, tunes quickly, and begins delivering value immediately. Our help fine tuning can even help you see greater value faster.

Daily scans and regular signature updates noticeably slow down both networks and individual systems. CylancePROTECT analyzes files before they launch, consuming minimal CPU power while producing extraordinary efficacy.

From vendors to analysts to regulators, Cylance rates highly with security practitioners for customer satisfaction. We also are validated/certified compliant with many industry regulations to help you meet your specific requirements.

True Cost of Poor Protection

ROI can be calculated in many ways, but failing to consider all factors can leave you with an equation that just doesn’t add up.

Data Loss
Data Loss

Data Is the Lifeblood of Your Business
For cyber criminals, however, it’s a profit opportunity that’s too good to miss, especially if your cyber defenses are inadequate to stop them. Don’t let a data breach or ransomware attack compromise your business.

System Damage
System Damage

The Importance of Business Continuity
Best case, you lose one file or an individual computer. Worst case, everything goes down. Can you afford to be offline for an hour…a day…weeks or longer? The recovery, and resulting conversation, may last for years.

Operation Slowdown
Operation Slowdown

Daily Scans and Signature Updates Drain
There’s a reason your network and computers may be running 80% slower than they should or could. CylancePROTECT consistently consumes very little CPU power – it’s barely noticeable. That’s a significant improvement.

Staff Shortage
Staff Shortage

Focus on Reaction Is Inefficient
When a breach occurs, you go into disaster mode – because legacy solutions often only detect threats after they deploy and cause damage. With Cylance, threats are prevented and contained, letting your valuable staff work on more strategic, proactive efforts.


Reinforce Your Brand Promise
Brand is more than just a logo. It’s an expectation of what your community can expect from you. Having a data breach or cyber event undermines what you’ve worked for and earned. Your brand is monetized capital that you need to defend.

Cylance More Than Stacks Up

Capability CylancePROTECT Previous Generation Legacy Solution
Malware prevention AI is the primary conviction tool, no signatures required Signature-based – requires frequent updates to catch-up to identified threats
Other threat prevention capabilities Gain script control, application control, memory protection, device usage policy enforcement Varies from product to product but generally offers rudimentary threat prevention techniques
Deployment model Deployed on endpoint with management console in the cloud Deployed on the endpoint with the management console deployed in the cloud
Continuous prevention Endpoints are protected regardless of network connection – the ML model runs on the endpoint no cloud connection required Cloud connection usually required; prevention can progressively degrade if the endpoint is offline even for a short period of time

Tough Tasks Become Routine

Device Usage Policy Enforcement

Device Usage Policy Enforcement
Set parameters for what devices can connect to your environment – granting access can be as specific as designating serial numbers or as general as device category.

App Control for Fixed Function Devices

App Control for Fixed Function Devices
Lockdown specified systems and restrict any changes to those devices after they are locked down. Perfect for ensuring fixed-function devices remain in a uncompromised state.

Script Management

Script Management
Monitor, detect and protect against malicious scripts and script paths running in your environment – before they can execute and cause harm to your files, systems or reputation.

Strengthen Your Attack Avoidance Position

Memory Exploit Prevention
Memory protection adds an additional layer of security and strengthens the OS’s basic protection features – preventing attackers from using memory to exploit vulnerabilities.

Malware Prevention
Prevention is better than reaction. Leverage our AI product to detect and prevent attacks before they execute/deploy and deliver their disruptive and potentially costly payload.